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Hi Andre,

Looking at your site, I just get a sense of “Yeah, so?”

That’s the struggle for a lot of self-starters marketing online; many people have Field of Dreams mentality when putting up content. YOU know your pasta sauce and pastas are great, but that’s as far as it goes.

I mean, when you go out to a restaurant and a friend mentions his pasta “tastes SO good” do you take his word for it or do you ask for a bite?

I’m also confused as to whether you’re advertising you’re a farm or you make pasta. I understand that pasta sauce needs fresh tomatoes to make fresh pasta sauce, but apart from that, I don’t know why I should buy your pasta sauce over Dolmio or Paul Newman’s Own. Surely they use fresh tomatoes too?

The “our story” goes into a bit about it, but it needs to be on the front page. Byron is right when he says you need to put the customer at the heart of the story too. Your packages seem like a novel idea, but what are you actually selling? The sauce or the convenience?

I also like the fact you offer sauce making days, which could really set you apart from competitors. I am unsure why you don’t lead with that. Can you imagine giving your foodie relative a fresh bottle of pasta sauce that was hand … er… squeezed by you personally? Now that’s a big deal, in my opinion.