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RoseC, post: 255984, member: 102925 wrote:
YEOW! [USER=1]@Peter – FS Administrator[/USER] thanks for your response. Would love to hear more on a couple of points:

“I largely gave up trying to convince people of the value of good copywriting” – was this just in the Australian market, or business owners around the world? I was in the bubble that is London for 10 years, so I think my perception is skewed.

I’ve always focused on the Australian market, and the vast majority of my clients have been in Sydney where I’m based (even though didn’t meet up very often!). My gut feel is that people veer towards locals even though it’s a virtual service – at least in my case.

“For me it was technology/software and business-to-business writing.” – when you niched down in terms of topic, did you also reduce number of services offered?

I’ve heard a couple of copywriters in other groups discuss the merits of not just choosing a specific industry to write for, but then specialise in a particular kind of content and be the go-to person for that (i.e. blogging, social, email marketing). Be interested to hear other copywriter’s pov’s on that nugget.

I work with another writer and we focus on digital copy for corporates and agencies, rather than small businesses. We also focus on longer copy like websites, case studies, whitepapers and things like that. Not necessarily exciting, but strong demand and a bit more specialist. I know some people might just be tender writers, or proposal writers, or blog writers etc… In terms of marketing (and being able to charge a premium) I think it’s good to focus your offering, even if once you’re in with a client they will often ask you to do a wide range of things.

Agencies – they are a good, reliable source of income, but I’m finding I’m becoming pretty picky about who I work with. Sadly, it’s usually agency work that results in crap client briefs on top of the fact they try to hustle down my prices. Leaves a bad taste, ya know?

I’ve heard that too! I think I’ve been quite lucky to have a couple of agency clients that I met early on and then worked with for years.

“…the demand for content is still strong so I reckon there’s still a strong business in freelance copywriting!” – this is heartening to hear! I’m definitely keen to get stuck in and help eradicate crap copy. :D

It’s a worthy cause! :)