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Peter – FS Administrator, post: 256537, member: 1 wrote:
I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the overall question ‘Does marketing work?’

Not the actual substance of the thread, but I would have thought that the answer to that question, would be obvious, without marketing, it is very hard to get sales as no one will know you are there.

I could fill my bedroom with product, or buy all the garden maintenance gear and put it in my garage, but unless I get the word out that’s where it will stay.

So the answer is a resounding Yes, but with the huge qualification if done right and if done the way the potential client wants to see (or hear) the message. So you could also say it’s a resounding No, if the marketer has no idea.

And that may not depend on how much you pay, or how much the marketer or other providers say how good they are (just because they say they are good it doesn’t make them the best), its based on how they deliver the message for your service and client.

IMHO if a marketer can’t guarantee you a return, they obviously don’t understand your business or your client in which case they shouldn’t be pretending to be able to market your product / service and walk away from your business.

Just to bring it back to the thread. I think you know from my ramblings that I don’t write things the way a professional writer does, but if the professionals words don’t suit my business or my client, I may as well ramble on and not pay Mega dollars. How many times have you looked at a professional writers web page or there (yep I have seen that often) posts on here and thought, did they really write that or was it some 6th grader.