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Dave – FS Concierge, post: 255271, member: 49676 wrote:
Hi Lucy,

For me the danger comes from tasks that are related to your work but not the real work (could be email, admin, stationery, social media, planning, etc). You can fill your time with these and trick yourself into thinking you’re busy.

Write down all your tasks and highlight them in 2 different colours – real work and other work. If you make your main work blocks for “real work only”. Then you’re forced to do that thing or sit there and literally do nothing. Even the work you’re putting off starts to look good compared to staring at the wall. But if you’re email is sitting there or some other distraction it won’t work. The idea is to make that block of time so boring that your boring task is the most interesting thing.

Failing that, just do 5 minutes. Starting is the hard part, and after 5 minutes usually you’re into it.

Lucinda Lions has a great technique here for those tasks you put off because you’re worried about doing a good job.

Those are some techniques, but I find it useful to ask yourself why you’re putting it off. Then you can solve the problem in a straight forward way. For example if it’s a boring task, you could go to a café with some music and nice coffee. If it’s because you are hazy about the finished product, you could sketch out a 5 min version so the elements become clear to you. And so on…


Great idea [USER=49676]@Dave – FS Concierge[/USER] I spend way too much time doing the “other” work. Might give that a try!