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Jup555, post: 255917, member: 104937 wrote:
Hi everyone. Newbie here! I am about to open a ladies fashion boutique in Lindfield in Sydney. Target market is fashion forward women who like on-trend, well-known mainstream Australian labels. Fashion, activewear and slick accessories ranging from $40-$350. There is no boutique like this in the area at the moment. My lease application is in, Fitout designed, and all considerations for licenses, certificates, approvals, company/tax set-ups etc are all done. I have been liaising with fashion agents for the first buy but would love to talk to someone who has experience in this area. How many of each size is a good start? How much is the stock likely to cost initially (I am estimating $20k). Once up and running, I have calculated my profit margin on the sales is around x1.4 of the wholesale buy. Help. I am nervous about doing this. Not something I need to do but want to provide this store to my community and have something to do with myself now the kids are grown. Thanks in advance!

I am a designer based in Auckland. I am also a start-up and looking for boutiques to stock my designs. Please visit my website (http://www.engeleena.com) to view my collections. Contact me for more details.