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johnnycashflow, post: 255972, member: 79207 wrote:
I was looking at pointhacks etc. they seem to have good content, but if you were going to start a similar one or a similar layout one in a different industry, how do you go abouts starting them, or how did they start, did thye simply start writing articles every day and it gained momentum, I have a few ideas that arent revolutionary, but want to give it a shot and I want them to be a permanent resource in the indsutry rather than a person writing a few articles

can anyone advise on a technologically hopeless individual?

Hey-yo JohnnyCashFlow!

The kind of professional you’re looking for is known as a ‘content marketer’ or copywriter.

Give it a Google and you will find LOADS of super-skilled people (ya know, a bit like me) whose job it is to help businesses like yours come up with the best strategy for talking to your audience, while keeping the search engines happy.

If they’re REALLY good, they’ll also be able to think up fabulous article and topic ideas that help drive customers to your site and take action.

Hope this gives you enough to go on, but holler if you have any more questions.

Happy researching!