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I think they all started with an idea that was ahead of it’s time, got some traction and then tested and iterated from there.

The problem you have unless it’s a unique idea or angle you’re probably peeing into the wind…or the competition in the niche you have expertise is rubbish and there’s possible demand for good content.

If you want to publish content there’s no need to code anything, just find a ready to roll system you like working with and have a crack…chances are you’ll blow it and realise it’s a huge learning curve getting it right.

Or, do as suggested and develop a relationship with specialised providers who know what they’re doing.

The ‘real’ test of an idea is whether you’d spend an uncomfortable amount of hard earned cash and time pursuing it (after you’ve done a lot of serious research).

I think the days of fluking a fortune on the web are gone (certainly with glorified blogging), the market it too sophisticated, there’s too much choice available.

I once read a saying that has always stuck with me “potential and a few bucks will get you a cup of coffee” It has no value on it’s own.