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Apart from the fact women are smarter than men, they are more passionate about what there doing and tougher.
Ive been able to observe women in business for almost sixty years.
Back in the late fifties and early sixties women that had their own business were few and far between. I seen the development of women in business starting from the fashion store to them running Restoration companies being in trades. I admire the way they have achieved this, by doing what they wanted to do and not being told what they should do, because back in the fifties that’s what happened you were told what to do both male and female. The seventies was the beginning of change, and with it independence for women.
So its been a long hard struggle for women to achieve what they have in a relatively short time.So I congratulate them for having the courage to do what they want.
My suggestion would be to continue the way you are, learn how to build your business and never be shy to ask questions or for help should you need it.
Be proud of your success and work in partnership with men, because its about what can be achieved working together.
There are a lot of brilliant people out there who actually miss the point.
Business is not a game its a responsibility.