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Steve the Bartender
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I use Let’s Encrypt for all my websites too, [USER=1348]@Leisa D[/USER]. My WordPress websites are hosted using Siteground. Their shared hosting has been really good, especially when I was first getting started. We’ve since upgraded to Cloud Hosting due to a much higher volume of traffic.

We use Stripe too and have always had a SSL certificate. Firstly instance was a paid cert with a WordPress website, then we moved to Shopify with a free certificate and now have a handful of free Let’s Encrypt certificates with our Siteground hosting. It’s relatively easy to set up if you are tech savvy.

I’m not too sure about implementing it with Volusion though, couldn’t come up with anything after a quick search…

Hosted WordPress websites come with SSL through Let’s Encrypt too, read here.

Another good option is Shopify which also issues free sitewide SSL certificates…

Good luck!