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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi Greg,

For hard-to-label services I find using examples works best. If you start by listing the type of specific things you do, then people can go down the list and match up your services directly with the things they need done.

People look past the words/labels anyway to real things like “can they do X and Y, oh yes it says they do X and Y.”

Overall it sounds like you help businesses take advantage of technology. You customise cloud software, and manage and maintain IT needs such as A, B, C.

It may simplify to Software Customisation, IT setup and management, Cloud Services (rather than some cliché title). Then you list examples of the specific jobs under these categories.

It may then help to add a couple of 1-paragraph stories about projects you’ve done. We did X, Y, Z for an accounting firm handling all the __ jobs, leading to a big time saving on ___ and more effective marketing via ___.

Just talk about what you do directly and the right people will recognise their needs within what you do. Leave it to your competition try to be clever and sound impressive. :)