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Goingsolo, post: 256656, member: 105482 wrote:
Unfortunately, as of now, it is clear he is not willing to enter into negotiations or be amicable.

I just received a scathing email threatening legal action as I didn’t accept his low offer to buy me out.

It seems he is of the mind that unless I agree to his figure, it’s court. There is no willingness to discuss and the email was very personal.


My 2 cents, and as usual a slightly different angle. Is his offer really low, or is it actually a realistic offer, and as such he has to resort to legal action if it appears you are wanting an over the top offer.

It’s like buying a house, the Real estate agent tells the seller that’s its worth $1 million, but the seller puts it on the market for $1.5 million, and any offer that comes in below that from potential buyers, the seller just assumes are ridiculously low.

The business is running at a loss, you haven’t had any input into it for a year, so just maybe he is entitled to accept a reasonable price, rather then something inflated.

I have trouble with everyone else agreeing that it is unreasonable without fully knowing (we only have a tiny snippet in this thread) the facts and figures of this issue.

My 2 cents