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Byron Trzeciak
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I’d suggest being even more specific – give your “ideal” customers habits, preferences, likes/dislikes so you can get a better handle on how to connect with them and sell to them.

I agree with this statement, when you say your ideal audience “would be people that are hosting an event” it’s so broad! I might host an event at the end of this week but I don’t want any cookies, so as mentioned – get specific, when you know exactly who you’re speaking to and who you want to attract things tend to become much more crystal clear.

Maybe it’s corporate high flyers wanting something memorable at their event or maybe it’s a mums wanting cookies for kids in a certain age range.

Also when you say that your source of networking is Instagram and that you’re following event planners in the hope of getting noticed, this is exactly where you’re going wrong. Spending all day on instagram and facebook is doing nothing for your business, that’s a long term game…..very long.

Don’t just follow event planners, reach out to them. Like John said, bake some cookies and send them a batch so they know WHY they should recommend you. If you don’t have a website how do they know what options you have.

Event planners are there to suggest options and ideas based on budget, you can’t just follow them an expect them to send you a tonne of business if they have no idea what you do. Give them an experience that forms a connection.

Find out where the wedding events are around Melbourne, purchase a stall.

Connect with photographers, event planners and any other relevant businesses that are likely to be at the same event that you might want to be.

Go to markets and set up a stall, and build your brand by selling at craft stalls every weekend, I know in Melbourne we have a tonne of high quality markets that foodies love – give your business card and website so they can find you and repurchase again in the future.

To me it seems more like a hobby for you at the moment than taking it really seriously and it’s easy to get lost, we’ve all been there.