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First make a choice, can you afford to hire someone to do marketing for you, or do you have enough time to learn about it yourself?
If you want to learn, I’d suggest starting with Facebook’s free ad course https://www.facebook.com/blueprint

To get your name out there you could run a competition. Win free cookies for a year (obviously you will need to define and limit that) or
win a giant cookie.
Something like this, be creative.
You can use gleam.io to run the comp.
Repost it on FB groups about comps and on sites like ozbargain etc. Use actions on gleam.io for bonus entries like view FB page or follow on Instagram to get more exposure. Capture everyone emails for a marketing list.

Learn targeted marketing and find your competitors to target their customers.

Find Instagram influencers and food reviewers, give them free cookies in exchange for a review.

Be prepared to invest some serious time and money to get results, especially at the start before the business starts to snowball and grow organically.