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Completely agree with John’s comments re making it very clear & obvious what you’re about in that top first-seen bit of the page. I’d add that your logo needs a small adjustment – black text on a dark grey background.

Ditch the word “Welcome” (because of course you are). Move the “Email us…” button to after the point where the visitor knows what you do and why s/he should contact you.

Again as John suggests, put a ‘Call To Action’ up the top somewhere – a quick enquiry form, or better yet a request for your “Top 10 Styling Tips” that bribes visitors for an email address in exchange for your expert tips.

Add the names of the suburbs you service as well as (instead of?) the map. People will search for “home styling hoppers crossing” and the map won’t contribute to that.

I agree, stylish looking site. Get this page sorted out and then use it to build on down the track, as per Jacqui’s ideas. A website should be like a restaurant/cafe menu – give those in a rush what they need quickly & easily, give those with more time or inclination ALL the details they’re looking for.