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I don’t like that if I have problems with a product I have purchased from you, I have to deal with the manufacturer, firstly most are over in china or somewhere else, but secondly you have sold me the product, you are the first line of contact. This is a passing off, of your responsibility to me as the customer.

You need to get a copywriter or someone to check all of your copy, it’s a turn off.

About us. In this modern day why is it only mum that needs the headphones, sorry the world has moved on from this 1960’s thinking…

Ratbags – I really really struggle with suppliers who call my children ratbags. you haven’t met them, you have no right to call them that. again very 1960’s thinking.

Sorry the about us, doesn’t actually tell me anything about you, accept reasons not to purchase from you.

I’m guessing their are no terms and conditions on your gift vouchers such as expiry or other normal limitations.

I clicked on BotID and left your site, you could potentially have lost a client. If you are using a third party site look at how professional they are, they are a reflection on your business, and really its a dodgy looking site.

I note you have a number of items labelled ”Exclusive Sale”, my thoughts on exclusive are you are the only seller, maybe you mean they are an exclusive price, I am not sure which, but a couple of items I have checked are littered over the web at cheaper prices. Have you considered that is why you have ”NO SALES”

The only trust factor I can find on your site is that you list an ABN, a tick for that.