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Extraordinary You, post: 258113, member: 11666 wrote:
Hi Jason,

Thank you for your feedback, I’m a career counsellor/coach/advisor. Unfortunately, the fake enquiries are coming from many different avenues. It is only after I have googled their names or numbers do I find who they really are and realise they have misrepresented themselves to me.


Do your queries illicit follow up communications? If so, id be politely asking them in that correspondence about the details you have dug up.. EG: ‘Hi John, thanks for dropping in the other day (or call).. Was great chatting with you, although before we push through this query i was curious are you still working with XYZ? Think we would be an awesome fit together, look forward to your reply and how we can work together to forge prosperous relationships together’

Or, does the query just stop dead and once you have the information can no longer call them out on it?

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