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Rowan @ GardenLarder, post: 258303, member: 28171 wrote:
Shopify is great. I have dabbled with them and I love all the apps you can add to your shop to make it better. Like all online business, this is just a small part of the business. It is the marketing that only you can do that counts. If you are not good at getting visitors to your shop then the best website in the worls is not going to work for you
You need to have good products, a good plan and extra money to put into promotion.

I really would recommend Shopify as you get a great looking store with plenty of modifying options. Just don’t expect it to start making money quickly, no start up does that. Shopify is easy to use, and you get tutorials on site if you need them. There are also some great tutorials on Youtube.

Great input, on additional thing some forget to tack onto your quest is what is your experience, where have you been and how familiar are you already with other platforms? The solution that is presented, does not take into account your knowledge nor aspirations on where you need the platform to go.

Things like you may want multichannel access and your website as an intermediary which will rule some sites out.. Shopify is awesome, i have a couple, and are very very basic and simplified to allow anyone to access commerce – and at the same time has some additional levels that rarely get played with… Sign up for a 2 week play, check it out and there customer service is awesome..


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