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Hi Sally,

Estimating times for proposals is one of my more arduous tasks – there are a few Flying Solo articles, like this one, and others that are great.

1) I can’t help you there – I charge on a project/service basis.

2) I use Insightly, but there are plenty of other free/cheap services (and lots of expensive ones). I also have the ability to do it in my accounting software, but tend to still use Insightly, because i use it alongside my project/task management timelines, etc.

3) I charge for a ‘service’, rather than the individual hours that it might take me to do a task. This suits me – it means that I don’t have to stress about counting hours and I tend to work out my own scheduling time in half-day blocks, anyway. (I also work part-time).

So, in regards to a screening service, my approach would be to focus on the benefit of the service (screening cvs, phoning those of interest, arranging times for interviews, etc), rather than trying to gauge exact numbers of applicants & calls, and provide a full cost based on what it usually takes to complete a screening.