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Hi Mat,

Essentially my services are B2B as well. Like you I thought popular marketing channels wouldn’t work the same way as they do B2C – but, I actually think there’s a place for those efforts in B2B. Your sort of services I would imagine are best sold when its word of mouth?

Have you tried/considered:

a) Joining industry specific forums and similar where IT questions might arise that you can answer such that the asker becomes a client?

b) Join Social Media groups (on Facebook for example) that are relevant to your field, again, questions get asked and if you’re around to answer they could turn to paying clients

c) Blog at your website? Answering common questions that prospects might have etc?

I too have not had a proper holiday in a number of years. I did, however, recently employ another qualified professional a couple of days a week to help with the work load, and, hopefully be in a position to have a proper break… well worth the cost in my view! I’m already feeling less exhausted and stressed having the extra set of hands just those couple of days a week.

All the best :)