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Quinn Askeland, post: 258532, member: 46664 wrote:
I think it can go either way. Old school thinking would suggest that the more content and pages the better. However, as the algo has gotten better I am seeing better results from pages and content where people are engaged while reading it (see Rankbrain). To decide what to do, I ask myself, “can I great an epic page that answers everyones question on a niche or would subpages handle people needs better?” Hope that helps.
All replies help, thanks!

And in terms of what the better page would be for the user, it’s a single page easily. The location page isn’t really anything more than the suburb and contact info, and the services work really well using an accordion style display.

And going on what google advise, they do say create the best content/page for the user and for the most part that will be the best for SEO.