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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 258547, member: 78928 wrote:
No a WP person who operates a WP site.

I have previously used iframes with a HTML site and that worked ok.

My question is, is there not a decently coded plugin that can handle what you want to achieve?

Might be a completely bad question to ask I know so little but just a thought prompter.


Yeah, I’ve never had a real problem with an iFrame anywhere else and off the top of my head couldn’t see why there’d be one with WP…but no LAMP stack set up to install and try, and I don’t want to access the clients site just to test.

There’s probably 2000 plugins that will do the actual data collection but to achieve what’s required the data needs to go straight into G Suite…bit of a variation on the theme we’re experimenting with on my own site…difference is clients got nearly 3000 fully qualified email addresses/clients that will be hitting it…too much work via a plugin I’m thinking. And for a number of reasons they don’t want to use something like Mailchimp (which they do use in another context)