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eclipse, post: 258711, member: 1111 wrote:
Hi guys,
I know there’s quickbooks, but even that’s $25 a month. My wife is a graphic design and uses an Adobe suite with about 12 apps in it for 12 hours a day for about $73 bucks a month. I use (an old) MYOB maybe 3 hours a week. It’s RIDICULOUS how expensive it is when I compare to what my wife gets out of her software (12 apps, 12 hours a day) and what I get out of MYOB if I were to upgrade. Any alternatives? I can’t believe Microsoft don’t have something competitive with this in their office suite, or that there isn’t a fully optioned version in the world of open source. Libreoffice should definitely have one, even if it’s just a fully packed out spreadsheet template!

That`s strange you`ve got a pricing of $25 for QuickBooks though there are many providers who provide a cheaper pricing starting at $22/month. Alternative for QuickBooks can be Freshbooks or Xero but i`m not sure about its customer experiences. QuickBooks I`m pretty aware about it.