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ibbi250, post: 259078, member: 110929 wrote:
Hi There,

I have being going through this forum for quite a while and searching out different topics related to shipping.

I think this is the best place to get an answer to my query.

So far, the forum has been great in terms of information and help.

I am interested in procuring air purifiers (Aroma Diffusers). I have already got the samples and need to place a trial order.

The supplier has given me a FOB quotation (500 USD) (Sea Freight price subject to change).

1. What will be the customs fees? (if applicable)
2. What will be the GST? (if applicable)
3. What will be the charges in total to get the products cleared from Customs? (Breakdown will be really helpful)
4. Will there be any port charges?
5. Will there be any Shipping docking charges?
6. Will there be any unloading Charges?

There will be about 10 cartons. All up to 10kg (Assuming) (weight is variable per box/carton) each.

Below is the breakdown for boxes/cartons.

Product 1: 52.5*35.5*47cm (2 cartons)
Product 2: 52*35*27cm (2 Cartons)
Product 3:52.5*35.5*37.5cm (2 Cartons)
Product 4:72.5*50*32cm (1carton)
Product 5:49.3*40*31cm (3 cartons)

I think this product falls in Tax Classification of TC 1442069 and based on this document AL TA’s void

I think HS or HSN code is 8421.39.00

At this stage, we are making a feasibility report and doing costing.

If some one can help with the shipping cost and charges to expect will be really helpful and will allow us to proceed on with completing the report.

Thank you
I am new to the forum, I am a freight forwarder – I would recommend a courier service like DHL.

Customs charges are as follows
Doc fee anywhere from 95-150 AUD
Duty – zero if you have a FTA CCO – certificate of origin
GST 10%
Government charges – 185 – 194
Delivery – around 65 AUD

If you would like more assistance email me at [email protected]