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I personally think co-working places are great for people that want to work on their own business while having others around them (ie: they work better in an environment with ambient chatter or people to talk to).

Otherwise, I see it as a great meeting place, or if you don’t have decent facilities at home (ie: internet access).

I personally prefer to work from my home office and visit on-site or meet at cafe’s as required for client meetings, but each to their own on that one.

I can see using co-working spaces to work with colleagues in a small company not big enough for your own office space, but that’s entirely dependant on the work you’re doing and whether you require that constant one-on-one in-person contact.

More and more businesses are turning towards telecommuting/working from home, which I think is fantastic as it reduces the stress, and the huge wastes of time travelling to and from work every day.

That said, that’s a personal opinion and your mileage may vary :).