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Averil Quinn, post: 260120, member: 45376 wrote:
How are you? Sorry, I need to monitor that email address more often. I am just wondering how much you would charge to work on the copy in my website (descriptions of products) Not so worried about the About Us page at the minute. Just wanting to increase sales and if an improvement creates an more of an urgency to buy that would be wonderful. Have you worked on beauty related websites before, is this something you would be interested in?
Kind Regards
Averil Quinn
Averil’s Natural Skin Care

Hey Averil, I’m well thanks. Hope you are too?

If you don’t check that email address all that often, is there a better one to reach you on? Happy to send you my project rates and a couple of quick questions to help me better understand everything you need and price it up accordingly.

I haven’t worked on a beauty website before, but I did used to commission and edit the beauty section in a national magazine back in the UK. It’s been a few years since I’ve written for this industry, but confident I can hit the right note for your business and your audience.

Let me know best contact details for you. Or ping me a message on [email protected] when it suits you. Cheers!