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Trent Tran
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sanchia.porze, post: 259256, member: 110701 wrote:
Hi All.

I am new to Flying Solo and would like to introduce myself.
I recently founded ‘porze’. We recycle used coffee grounds (which would otherwise go straight to landfill), add essential oils, raw sugar, salt, almond or grapeseed oil and make coffee body scrubs and soaps. (we use melt and pour soap bases – we do not manufacture the soap using lye etc). We then give at least 50% of the profits to animal rescue, rehabilitation, welfare and advocacy organisations.

I need product insurance. If someone uses our product and has some sort of reaction to it, we could be facing some serious issues. We do have a clause in our T&Cs and proper use directions…but people do some strange things. I have been told I need to find an insurance broker and that they will then source insurance for me.

Has anyone here faced the same situation and could you provide any help please? I don’t know what to look for in a broker – are there good brokers and bad brokers?

Thank you!

HI Sanchia

Please let me know if you found an insurer as I am interested too
Thank you