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Paul – FS Concierge
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richk, post: 261302, member: 69168 wrote:
Hi All,

This is a very interesting subject as previous business in the UK was redicilous in terms of chasing outstanding debts. Nothing more annoying to me when you knew stock had sold in the retail shop and we were waiting on invoice to be settled.

What options/initiatives people offer in order to get an account settled on time, good Prompt Payment Discount?? It can’t all be take take take in behalf of the retailer??

I’m conscious of this moving forward as looking to get back into wholesaling direct to the retail sector, and wondered if many people do direct payment prior to dispatch of goods to possibly weed out the good from the bad??

Look forward to hearing what ideas and what people have used that saves time out end chasing bad debts.

Thanks in advance

Hey Rich – this is an old thread and will not draw much attention.

I recommend you copy your post and create a new thread.

It is an important question to ask.