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Allena Mandy
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bb1, post: 259533, member: 53375 wrote:
Sorry I’m jumping on the negative bandwagon here, but this exact comment above is why I think you should run the other direction. If you haven’t looked at it objectively you haven’t thought about the proposition. Of course the landlord will say you are the one, they would say I am the one as well even though I can’t boil water. The land lord has a lot of self interest in this one, they want the rental income. Thats not an objective opinion, thats a very biased opinion.

I can’t help but wonder why the banks are refusing to give you a business loan, they are often to quick to give out loans, so they may also have recognised that its a fizzer, sending money down the proverbial drain.

Walk away.
I totally agree with you. The landlord has direct self-interest but i believe you guys have the sense of doing business so my wishes are with you. But i know it will be difficult to get the remaining amount as anyone is looking to help you might have some interest in that business. So it is better to make them the partner of some percentage because you have nothing right now. To push things up quickly you have to take steps like this as you are financially weak. The loan may be not easy to get quickly.