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RoseC, post: 260425, member: 102925 wrote:
OK, pardon the very Brit way I’m about to say this, but here it is: boll**ks to what everyone else is doing. ;) You need to do what’s right for your brand and the customers your trying to attract.

When it comes to choosing which social media platforms your business should be using you should really be asking, “Where are MY potential clients hanging out?” Not so much, if my competitors are on here, that has to be the right thing to do.

I mean if your successful competitors are getting a good amount of traction with the same audience you’re trying to reach by being on FB, then sure. It’s probably a good idea to set up a page and invest some time in managing it to talk to your customers. But it would be a bad idea to do it for the sake of it, because you feel obliged.

You’ll resent it. You’ll neglect it. It will look naff and could actually do more harm than good.

Plus, if your clients are using Instagram, YouTube or Twitter instead, then being on FB will be useless anyways.

Mull it over a little more. There are companies out there who realise social ain’t right for them, like this UK pub chain. There was another really famous American food company who decided to call it quits on social, too. Can’t find which one it was now though. Was about a year ago. I’ll edit this post if it comes to me.

Email marketing still gives the best ROI, engagement and warm leads.

Good luck with it. Whichever direction you decide to take this in :)
I agree 100%. I have taken your feedback on board and will wait until I am ready to go on Social Media. Thank You heaps for taking our time to give a detailed reply.