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Byron Trzeciak
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Steve Kay, post: 259874, member: 103552 wrote:
If all they are using to rank their customers are PBN links they own (or control), they can easily delete these links or point them to another client and the rankings will eventually drop.

I’ve recently encountered this situation where I’ve taken on a new client. Part of the reason I gained this client was that I could clearly show the customer that they were receiving PBN links from their agency and that those PBN links were now being removed (this was before the customer said they were leaving so I don’t know why they were being removed at that stage).

Now the fear is that the ex agency is going to continue to remove these PBN links, as they are now no longer a client, in the hope of regaining this client and in doing so they know it could have a significant affect on future campaigns and potential drive the customer back to them.

I’ve explained all of these to my client but regardless the pressure of ranks dropping and maybe revenue too is enough to change any clients mind very quickly.

Overall though I agree with what John is saying though, he’s absolutely right BUT there is the PBN grey area where agencies feel as though links are “rented”.

I always say that it’s like buying a Ferrari and taking it home, the the minute your dealership gets a sniff you might trade it for a Porsche they come back to your house and rip the engine out of it.