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35William, post: 259862, member: 111155 wrote:
Hi, I am starting my own small business. Myself and husband will be the only employees at this stage. I am embarrassed to admit that I am not very tech savvy. I will be working out of my home and would like recommendations for a service based in Sydney that could evaluate my current computer/internet/phone/printer situation and provide advice on what I need to run the software I need to run for my business, protect my information, set up cloud for my accountant, backup my data etc.
Most of the companies I have found online that offer this kind of service cater towards a small business with multiple employees, with hardware leasing etc. I am after advice and set up of essentially a one man show. I don’t believe I have enough experience to choose the right solutions that provide adequate protection without some outside advice. I am hoping that there is a company out there that offers what I am seeking, any recommendations would be appreciated.
Hey 35William,
Happy to have a chat and offer advice.