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Paul – FS Concierge
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John Romaine, post: 260100, member: 39536 wrote:
You could, but the issue is that over time it gets messy. You end up with too many parent categories, your URls become longer than they need to be, and you’re verging on keyword stuffing.

(Also dont forget your main nav and how you anticipate putting that together)

Epsecially if you intend on targeting several cities.

You end up with


  1. You’re wasting valuable real estate putting the word “suburbs” in the URl. you don’t need it
  2. Your URls are getting long
  3. You just don’t need to do this. You can add east, west, south etc in other areas of your meta tags (as I outlined above)

An easier eg

  • domain.com.au/brisbane/north/
  • domain.com.au/brisbane/south/
  • domain.com.au/brisbane/west/

etc etc

I should point out though that I dont do this. I just do what I showed up above.

99% of people get this wrong because they’re obsessing over trivial stuff and trying “too hard” to stuff keywords.

Domain, region/city, suburb – that’s it.

I follow this rule and can have most pages ranked 1st page in Google within 2 minutes after I’ve published it.
Thanks for the reply [USER=39536]@John Romaine[/USER] – thumbs up!