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Hi Peter,
You need to start again with answering:

  • Who is the target for your communication?
  • Where are they?
  • What are the problems they need fixed?
  • How can you uniquely fix them?
  • How/when/who makes decisions and how many folk are involved in the process?
  • What are your calls to action?
  • How is your website to be accessed? Eg. Is it a support platform for direct sales calls? Is it primarily for generating search enquiries?

You seem to be in the B2B market. In which case, generic search may be problematic, so don’t dismiss the importance of direct mail, email, telemarketing campaigns or cold calling programs. I’d suggest setting up your site to support these types of off-line activities.

If a sales rep is calling a potential healthcare client, you want a page he/she can email to the prospect that shows all your benefits, case studies, referrals/reviews for that industry.

You don’t have these so you need a separate pages for your Health and Edu clients.

I’m guessing you are in a slow decision making market. That means you should also think about signing prospects up to email programs to keep your name in front of their eyes. Your email list probably needs to differentiate by market segment.

That brings us back to your current website.


One of my pet peeves is the use of single page website. The reason is they are useless for most online communication objectives.

Hope this helps…