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Hi Bert,
I think you are posting a “call me out” post. So be it…

If people think SEO and PPC is simply getting a link to your info at the top of a frequently used search result page, IMHO they are wasting their time and money.

My real pet peeve after 25 years in the game is how poorly recognised and understood is the web’s eternal, greatest, fastest growing and most basic challenge. It is this…

Nothing happens until…

  • a potential client finds a link to your information
  • THEN actually clicks the link
  • AND THEN actually undertakes your desired action – Eg. makes a call, sends an email, places an order etc.

This is a very complex process for web users that involves

  • short term and
  • longer term memory,
  • neuronal motor muscle activation,
  • visual recognition processes,
  • information interpretation and retention.
  • All wrapped up in the complexity of learned behaviour, brain short cuts and info stripping to speed the mental process.

I suggest the key to unlocking the initial CTR problem is RELEVANCE of the info in the SERPs to the searcher. That means you need to know:

  • what your market segments are,
  • which words they will use in search queries as they progress through their purchasing process
  • so you can deliver those words appropriate to their needs in the SERPs
  • then ensure that the info on their landing page is relevant to their needs.

This list of landing page info will likely include:

  • Your product/service benefits to their needs
  • Your product/service features relevant to their needs
  • The problems/solutions your product/service offers them
  • The applications your product/service offers them
  • Case studies relevant to their industry or applications
  • Current clients who use your product/service in their industry
  • Recommendations, referrals, testimonials from your client in their industry
  • … and more.

To revert to our OP’s situation, he has ID’ed two very broad market segments; Healthcare and Education. I imagine that could be more closely defined into even more market segments.

At the very least he will need customer market segment landing pages for these two categories. He needs them if he is using cold calling so he has a URL of relevant info to email prospects, if he is using Adwords or targeting generic search referrals.


A one page website precludes any of this.

A one page website has one page title and one content meta description. It can’t organise info for relevance to the different market segments.

Some Problems with Single Page Websites:

  • Single page websites are terrible for Search Engine Optimisation vs multiple page sites
  • Google PPC quality score capability is severely limited with single page websites
  • Users can find it harder to find relevant info.
  • Harder to organise relevant content for different audiences
  • Only useful for very limited information content sites
  • Problems with Google indexing SPW rendered with Ajax code
  • There are many more.

The one page website issue goes back at least 5 years and it is becoming even more problematic than ever.

Some of many articles on the topic follow…

Aug 2017: No, Virginia, Google Doesn’t Index AJAX Sites
“Experience shows that websites that use a SPA framework or otherwise rely heavily on AJAX to render their page often find only a few, partially indexed, pages of theirs in Google’s cache. The larger the website, the more pages will be missing”

The Problem With Long-Scroll, Single Page Websites

Jul 2017: Three big problems with single-page websites

Aug 2014: The disadvantages of single page applications

Aug 2013 Kate Toon: 5 reasons why Single Page Websites are bad for SEO

“So who would choose a single page website?

“Well if the majority of your business comes via word of mouth referral then a one page website might work for you. It can essentially work as a glorified online business card…

You can then drive traffic to it via Social Media sites such as LinkedIn.”

Bert, Want more justification for my statement? There are thousands of articles out there.

FS’s please forgive this RANT! It has been decades in the building.