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secretagent, post: 260717, member: 100036 wrote:
Hi Peter,

I’m not sure who designed your website and branding, but traditionally ‘blue’ is the colour of trust and your website / branding is in orange and charcoal. Orange and black are commonly used in machinery / hardware and building branding. Google ‘tools, machinary branding’ and look at images.

Blue is also used a lot in education branding. Ideally, you’d add a highlight colour such as orange. There are also some issues with your landing page and the organisation of elements on your page, such as the type and alignment. I’m also not a fan of your logo!

Sorry to say this, but I’d invest in an orderly and professionally designed website that inspires trust!

Thanks for that secretagent. There is an entire subject devoted to the psychology of colours and traditionally yes, there have been different colours used for different industries, though these days I see colours spread out across many industries.

Thanks again for your interest and opinions :-)