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Thanks zayd687 for your reply.

I have a question – Why is getting an FOB rate essential?

How/why would an FOB rate assist me in determining what type of shipping contract to use?

I am researching Incoterms, but the issue is that I don’t speak Spanish and my potential supplier doesn’t speak English. Using an online translating tool isn’t very useful when discussing Incoterms.

The supplier tells me the terms quoted are for door-to-door delivery, from the factory in Spain to my home in SA. This is what his shipping company have quoted him, and he’s relaying this info to me. I am not dealing direct with the shipping company in Spain. I can’t due to language issues. Yet he also talks about FOB Origin and FOB Destination prices, which has thrown me somewhat. As I understand it, the option is FOB or DDP. One or the other, not both.

Regarding the matter of GST on purchases under $1000 I spoke to Border Force/Customs a couple of days ago and was told that as long as the Commercial Invoice is dated before 1st July, then the GST won’t apply, regardless of when the goods eventually arrive in Oz.

I can see that importing is a tricky and potentially very expensive business, and there are many pitfalls for the newbie. But everyone had to start somewhere, and I’m sure that novice importers would be nervous about buying huge volume when dipping their toes in the water for the first time.

I appreciate your getting back to me, and I will be doing a lot more research and perhaps if I do decide to proceed, I’ll use an English speaking supplier in Spain instead.