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kathalva, post: 260200, member: 99764 wrote:
A small business’s accountant should be one of the main sources of trusted advice, but too many businesses end up with tax agents who are only focused on menial tasks like preparing and lodging tax returns instead of looking ahead.
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Am with Bert on this.. i feel it is situational and completely up to the business owner.. IMO, i am not overly social nor in others faces, unless i am directly asked or have some input on a question that is standing already – and would expect the same from my Accountant…

Regardless of costs, its about relationships… Yes, relationships, and if you have a good relationship or care for one you will have the right partner to begin with as you would have or should have courted well from the outset.

ps.. whats to say the person you are going to is any better? or is that the reference in the OP about ‘[Mod Edit To Remove Overly Promotional Links]’ that i am missing.


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