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Cindy G
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GemCandles-SupplierAus, post: 260417, member: 111424 wrote:
Hi Cindy,

You cant have a Fixed – RECOMMENDED Retail Price.

If you are importing, then you should check with the ACCC with regards to your pricing.

From the ACCC website
It is illegal for suppliers to:

  • put pressure on businesses to charge their recommended retail price or any other set price, for example by threatening to stop supplying to the reseller

If you are reselling you cant tell your retailers they have to sell at a certain price. If its an Australian company who is trying to impose set RRP’s then they are breaking the law also.

Thanks for the heads up. Supplier is overseas. We wont be telling our retailers how much to sell. The rrp we’ll give is meant to b a guide for buying price of retailer. I.e. my wholesale price list states rrp $10. Buyer who purchase $1000 or more will get rebate of 35%( $6.50/unit), $3000 or more will get rebate of 40% ($6/unit). It is completely up to them to set their price however they see fit. Should i use a different term instead?