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Before you go too far, you need to know that each country Domain Authority sets its own rules about who can own a domain name.

For Australia go here: AUDA Policies

If someone has a prior claim on a domain name you register, they can claim it back from you with this process:

How do I lodge a domain name complaint with auDA?

To see the long lists of Au domain name disputes from 2002, go here:

auDRP Archived Proceedings

The domain authorities don’t like cyber squatters and if someone else has a registered business name or trademark for a domain name you’ve subsequently registered, essentially you will lose it.

I know GMH has been very active in objecting to any domain name that included the word “holden” – even when its own dealers registered them. Here are three disputes it won in one claim in 2010, servicingholden.com.au, holdenplatinumservice.com.au & holdenservice.net.au.

Some top Au domain prices back before 2011:

  • investmentproperty.com.au – $Au125,000
  • poker.com.au and deals.com.au – $Au100,000 ea.
  • creditcards.com.au – $Au70,000
  • hardware.com.au – $Au33,000
  • websitedesign.com.au – $Au22,000

The allure of buying these types of domain names has dropped dramatically as the Auda tightened its policies and Google dropped the value of keywords in domain names as ranking signals.

Eg. Try these Google searches:

  • investment property
  • poker
  • website design

The domains are no longer on page #1 on Google.