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Byron Trzeciak
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Hassle Free Website, post: 260387, member: 105019 wrote:
Hmmm, I have done a few sites for under that and some have made a good return on the investment.

Sometimes it can go the other way too, a 10k website is not going to help any more than a 2k website.

I agree with you, let me clarify my point.

The cost of a website that never generates a lead / sale is and always will be, 100% an expense to your business.

However the cost of a website that organically generates leads and sales is an investment, the ROI can be significant considering your investment.

Regardless if you invest 2k or 10k or even 100k the aim is to ensure your investment returns to the point that it becomes a profitable tool for you business to generate leads / sales.

For most businesses the ROI / value of a website is intangible, they either don’t understand how powerful it can be as a tool so they focus on what they do understand – a) the price b) how it looks.

My issue is that most businesses I speak with are focusing on the wrong sh_t. They care more about the colour of a button than they do about highlighting their unique benefits, improving trust, attracting organic customers and all the other elements that actually generate leads and sales.

So it’s less about the price you pay and more about whether you have the right experience in place to assist your business get the results you need.