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Oziecom, post: 260433, member: 93591 wrote:
I’d also suggest investigating website builder services like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly etc. With respect to the site developers that have offered services, you can stand up a pretty fair looking site with these services to get you going.

I’ve done this with squarespace. Their design templates are top notch.

Many a business owner has spent months of work and burned a ton of cash, when in reality a base website with a modern design will adequately do the job- at least in the interim.
Oh gawd no, don’t go anywhere near Wix or Weebly if you want anything remotely near “professional”!!

Squarespace is a reasonable website builder, but really only for those without the budget to work with a professional web designer/developer, which it sounds like the OP has for their business. And Shopify for ecommerce, though both those don’t allow for a huge amount of customisation if you’ve got some unique ideas or requirements.

I’d throw my hat into the ring too (with plenty of clients that can vouch for me not neccesarily hanging out on the forums here ;) ), though you may already have a few to choose from already.