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Can I ask why nobody is suggesting finding a good quality team on Upwork?

I mean $15k for a website???

Especially when it’s a new product, you don’t really know your market’s buying habits yet, you don’t have an existing site to privde tested deisgn data. That’s outrageous to me.

You can find a fantastic team out of eastern europe to do a highly professional job for about $3k or less.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but unless you need some kind of complex functionality which It doesn’t sound like you do, you just shouldn’t be looking at spending anywhere near that amount. That’s a great way new companies throw money down the rain.

You would do far better to get a first generation website built cheaply, then keep a developer on hand to make regular changes/split tests. Because I Promise you that your first version of your webite wont’ convert very well, and design changes will need to be made.