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The answer is yes to most of your questions. If you are making food then you need both an inspected and registered kitchen (ask your local council what you need to get your kitchen registered), as well as your food handling certificates (which you can do online).
If your kitchen has problems getting up to the standards required, or you have animals in the house you may have to look at registered kitchen hire.

Prepackaged goods do not need registered kitchens or food handling certificates. Fresh fruits and veg need your food handling cert, and if you want to cut those fruits and veg then you also need the registered kitchen.

I am not sure but I think you do need a license to include alcohol.

It can be worth it to get all the requirements done, especially if you want to expand to other food products/services in the future, but it all depends on your market and how dedicated you are to your idea. I hope it works out for you.