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Hi Leon,

Firstly welcome :)

Stevia is very much included in a lot of products in Australia. The others have given you some great advice, but I wanted to add to that.

According to the Drinks Industry Show (June 2018) one of the key trends for 2018 is the offering of low-cal, low-carb pre-mixed alcoholic drinks, which most are leaning towards stevia due to the better after taste of stevia over other sweeteners.

Also of course the non-alcohol soft drinks with Stevia re growing in the independent soft drink market IE http://www.nakedlifesparkling.com.au/

The massive trend for stevia is ramping up for the beverage industry, along with the sports drink and isotonic products, as they were always plagued with the sugar issue while labeling them “sport drinks”

So there are a lot of other product types other than just food for you to market to.

Below is a link to research on Stevia in Australia:


OR you could consider simply being a supplier for a larger company IE http://wilmarbioethanol.com/products/specialty-ingredients

Mischelle :)