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James Millar
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Kudos to you Jazzah for bucking the trend and trying to offer more to your staff. Its not always easy, especially if you operate in a low margin space.

Not surprisingly businesses which have HR requirements that are not necessary career orientated (filler jobs etc) have a much harder time finding and retaining good people. I also fear many youngsters see casual work or non career work as a stepping stone that does not warrant the same commitment.

Other than the suggestions above there is probably no magic bullet. I definitely agree with Paul in that money is not necessarily the key for everyone. This really hit home when I listened to some of the outbound Tesla staff interviews last week. Despite being retrenched and facing adverse personal outcomes, the staff still praised the company, its culture and leader in Elon Musk. It seems the people that work at Tesla do so for reasons vastly more important to them than money. As an employer, if people speak well of you after you fire them you must be doing something right.

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