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What do you mean by that, can you give an example?

Well let me start my suggesting that my own view is that they are two completely separate things.

A website is a store of information. It is supposedly the entry point to the brand. It is relatively static with few moving parts. Done right (so we are told) it is expensive to set up and with SEO, there can be a considerable ongoing cost.

Social media is a pure marketing tool. You could say that social media is a way to get noticed and refer back to a website. But in the end you can do as much on social media, and more, than you can do on a website, including interacting with an audience.

I agree with the point from Corey above, in an ideal world you would have both. But for a small business being hammered by all and sundry trying to get their cut of what little budget there is, I’d be opting for social media. Especially when you also consider most new businesses will fold within 12 months anyway.

If the argument is that a website means having 100% control as compared to social media where the rules can change, that is merely glossing over all the complaints we see about website service providers, SEO people etc.

I don’t claim to be an expert and am happy to be shown the error of my ways. But where I am, I would say a place like China has advanced so quickly it is now well ahead of the curve. Ecosystems are being built around mobile phones with social media, storefronts – offline and online (name any industry and it’s there), payments (even beggars take Alipay), and hardly an individual website to be seen.

Not sure I actually like it because it puts too much control in the hands of few operators, but that’s the way it’s heading, and there have always been monopolies.

I know there is data out there that suggests searches to websites shows a much better result than comes through social media and that does give me pause for thought. What I don’t know is how those figures relate to small business, how they are derived etc., which is important because they almost always come from companies who develop websites.