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karensaid, post: 260440, member: 110616 wrote:
Website, NOTHING on Social Media belongs to you, especially the content. They change their platform rules when the mood takes them, or not. Of course SM works, but none of us using them, make the rules. Work with it on the day, the moment. As with websites: dependent on your business niche, you can turn your website specifically and obviously an eCommerce and niche target blogging into a nice$ online asset. :)

Does a website really belong to you. Sure you may own the domain name, pay for the hosting, developed the website, written the content, have day to day control of the ”website”. But thats where it ends.

You say the content on SM doesn’t belong to you, do you really think the content on a website belongs to you. Look at every blog, all the copy, etc on a website, then look at Joe Blows website in the same industry and guess what, it is all very similar. Why, because everyone says look at what the competition is doing, plus the biggie, there are just so many way you can write a blog about the benefits or otherwise of using my service instead of using Fred’s service.

Plus the big Elephant sitting over in the corner of the room, Your website exposure is limited by that big ting called google, no point having a website if no one can find it, so guess what those rules you just mentioned about SM, suddenly come into play because you have to play by Google’s rules, which also change on a daily basis, plus as the so called SEO ”experts” on here say, google don’t even tell you the rules.