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Paul, I have no problem with any of that, except (there is always an except)…

It wasn’t that long ago, in discussion on here and elsewhere, that we are told you MUST have a website. No question, no ifs and buts, you must have one.

As social media has become more developed, that conversation is now evolving to one where the need for that website is becoming less of a must, and more of a “let’s consider the individual circumstances” – as per your comment.

My guess is that, in time, customers will expect a much more fluid, integrated environment. Websites are not fluid. (By fluid, I mean being able to do everything in the one place – wechat being the best example I know of at the moment.)

If I was starting a small, one/two person business today, regardless of what it is, my initial thought would be to lean towards social media. The main reason for that is because I can control what I do, time etc. whereas a website costs me an arm and a leg upfront, and I need to pay people who (with the exception of few) will tell me they cannot quantify any sort of real ROI. A website is something I would consider later.

But that is on the basis that I understand starting a new business requires a hell of a lot of input. Social media is a good medium for that, where many pay to have a website built, then sit back and expect the money to come rolling in.

The question was asked by a guy who develops websites. Fair enough, and I answered with an opinion. It wouldn’t be much of a forum if every question asked, was replied to with an “it depends” answer.