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HI Alex

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Thanks a lot guys for the feedback/suggestions it’s greatly appreciated!

Hi Jason,
It’s the first time for me setting foot in this business. I’m originally a freelance filmmaker, I shoot commercial, music videos that kind of things. (which will come handy if I ever get to the stage of marketing and advertising), also I’ve been practicing a lot of movie idea pitch for studios, which is similar in this instance to supermarkets. Maybe I exaggerated a bit when i said it’s not sold by WW or Coles. Well it is not literally sold, but a variant of my product is. I don’t mean to be teasing anyone by giving out crumbs, the product is NOT something revolutionary so nobody get your hopes up that you’re talking to the next coca cola inventor because I’m not, unfortunately haha.

The money factor is the issue for me like many I believe. Below is my ‘game plan’ since I do not have the monetary/investment to back me up. A week ago I called one contract manufacturer and tried to explain that I was new to this business and what were the prices. He gave me a rough number but around $4500 for one recipe formula, including back and forth feedback + some samples for me. The price seemed fair to me and I followed with an email to get more information, as I was quite interested.

My plan was to get my recipe to them and pay the $4500 to have the final, tried and tested recipe written. Because even though I’ve tried it at home and it tastes and look awesome, they might want to do further testing and adjustment. I’m just throwing random words here, but adding anti-caking agent, or other chemicals. My product is all dry goods by the way. So it’s one of the easiest item one can create I think.

Then once I had those samples, my plan was to have them put in the bottles that are being professionally designed by a small team of 2 people in S-Korea. Then with this good tasting, long lasting, affordable product, all packed in a bottle with a modern and attracting design, I was planning to actually shoot a TV commercial for my product by hiring a popular chef in Australia, I’m fully equipped with highend cinema camera etc…to guarantee nice quality. All at my own costs of course. By ‘popular chef’ I mean one I can afford, maybe not Curtis Stone but who knows what the fees are…

Finally once i got the bottle with product in it, and the TV ad, only then I want to go and talk to WW or Coles, or even investors, make my pitch, tell them why it’d sale, taste test, show them the edited TV ad we’d launch if we sign a deal etc… But I know I’ll need to workout more issues before getting there.

What do you mean by an in built? Sorry I should have mentioned it at first but I’m French. If we were talking you guys would have picked that up straight away! haha. Talking about French, my product is sold through French supermarkets but not the way I want to make it. And I don’t want to say ‘i’m sure’ cause we never know the markets otherwise we’d all be millionaires, but i’m almost sure that my product would do a killing in France. Which is why, I think about long term, I’m not thinking in terms of one hit wonder, and goodbye, I hope to create a lasting brand.

How do we find those agents? Because I was reading an article or a forum I can’t remember, and someone who had done business with WW or Coles, and did the whole thing, said to have ‘lose hips, and to be ready to be bent over’ that was quite funny and painful at the same time. Being a filmmaker, I do not have that ‘business shark mentality’, and I’ve done things naively in the past and it taught me a lot, but I don’t want to be bent over on this one. The business part like the words, the lingo, logistics and so on that’s what worries me the most. Also do you know if I give my recipe to a contract manufacturer they keep it somehow ‘secret’?

In the end I just want to add that, my recipe is not complicated whatsoever, but it’s quality, branding, and marketing that I believe will make it work. Sometimes people don’t ask for a product because it’s not there, but once it is it becomes part of their diet. That last sentence sounded cheesy but I understand myself haha.

Alex. L.

Hi Alex, or should that be bonjour ;)

Apologies on my typo, was on the fly, that ‘by an in built’ was meant to be ‘generally need and is built on relationships’.. soz..

Your overview is nice and refreshing, and at least you are aware that you need loose hips for this journey.. Joking aside… your journey is thorough, your example is thorough although a commercial is pointless for WW or Coles to pitch, they want recipe, demand, profits, supplyability and so forth.. And the supply, is all on you – that is where the money hurts – your investment to get the stock on the ground in order to fulfil is a tough one and a large investment – large to me may not be large to you, so its all relative – although i can see 5 digit sums and more for a venture with these guys, especially when you take into account payment terms and so forth…

Finding an agent, is another complex strategy and many will probably fob you off as well if you dont have history, money or are at a stage that is almost ready to go – they may entertain you, although uncertain how much… Also, there fees are fees you will happily pay and in fact pay for themselves in the long run – meaning, they can generally negotiate for you.. Note, they tend to negotiate an existing product – not develop one (or the agents i am thinking of)..

Hope this makes sense.. and soz again for the typo..


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