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Rowan @ GardenLarder, post: 260483, member: 28171 wrote:
First of all you need to be realistic about if there is actually a market that is not being filled for this product. Having some knowledge of the product, the market, and who might want it is a good start which you seem to have.

Wholesaling can be more difficult to get a foothold in than retail and you will have to get over your fear of rejection and get out there and talk to business owners. I know it is hard but generally if you come at it politely and have all the details people are mostly willing to talk and if they don’t want to change then they will not be rude so you smile, thank them for your time, and leave your card.
You say you have been a business owner. If someone came into your place of business to promote a new product, how would you have liked them to introduce their pitch? even if you were not interested you will still have some idea of what might have worked.

It can take time, but building relationships with businesses even if you are not pushing your product on to them will always make them more likely to call you in the future if they change their mind. keep in touch with them occasionally just to keep yourself in their mind.

You have to ask yourself what benefits you have over your competition, and be able to communicate that.
That was insightful thank you very much